Tacoma Billboard Proposal – Public Hearing

City Council is considering a billboard proposal touted to resolve the on-going fight to remove billboards from the city or at least substantially reduce them.

This proposal billed as a ‘compromise’, does neither and is quite a capitulation to the billboard company. Historic Tacoma has long supported the removal of billboards from most of the city.

View the Historic Tacoma letter opposing that proposal here: HT BillboardLetter 11-10-17.

City Council is holding a public hearing on the proposal at its  11/14/17 meeting starting at 5 pm at the Municipal Bldg.(747 Market).  View the Hearing Notice here: Not20171114-BillboardHearing

Please contact your city council member to make your views known or send your opinion to cityclerk@cityoftacoma.org. There’s no need to give a long argument since this is more or less a count of “for” vs. “against”.

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